Science and Technology
Exploring the Future of Physical Assessment
Body data modeling
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Human Visual Identity System
Human Motion Capture
IoT Intelligent Network
Deep learning algorithm
Body data modeling
modeling based on human body
Direct Segmental Multi-frequency,Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Human visual recognition
Recognition of human posture by 3D vision technology and accurate measurement of circumference
Dynamic capture of human body
Scene Recognition Based on Visual Imaging Features to Capture Human Motion Behavior
IoT Intelligent Networking
Intelligent Internet of Things Devices with Strong Expansibility
Deep learning algorithm
Training Algorithmic Model by Artificial Neural Network
Why choose us?
AComprehensive Function
Body Composition,Body Posture,Body Function,multi-dimensional assessment,all service are offered by our instrument.
BMulti-terminal Viewing Data
Establish user health records,support mobile phone, PAD, PC, printed paper and other terminal management data.
CIntelligent online upgrade
Every X-ONE PRO user can enjoy our cutting-edge technological achievements.
DNew Technology, New National Goods
Independent R&D and production, 150 quality control, layer by layer,one key online service, no worry after sales.

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X-ONE PRO 3T Intelligent Physical Assessment Instrument
Redefining Physical Assessment Method
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